ALL PURPOSE CLEANER / 3 Bottle Refill Tablets / Unscented

ALL PURPOSE CLEANER / 3 Bottle Refill Tablets / Unscented

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Description / Our All-Purpose Home Cleaner is a people- and planet-friendly all-purpose cleaner made with non-toxic ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. These solid soap refill tablets are just as effective as pre-mixed cleaning spray but are ultra-concentrated, plastic-free, and preservative-free.

We use only what you need to clean your home: an unscented vegetable soap formula made with organic coconut oil that dissolves easily in water.

Our All-Purpose Home Cleaner is effective on any hard surface, including wood, stone, metal, and glass.

Alternative to / traditional cleaner that might contain toxic ingredients packaged in plastics

Size Contains three refill tablets for a total volume of 48 fl oz. of cleaning spray.

Single-Use Plastic-Free | MADE SAFE® Certified | Cruelty-Free | Made in the USA | No Synthetic Fragrances | Vegan | Dye-Free | SLS-Free | Preservative-Free | Palm-Oil Free | Phthalate-Free | Recyclable | Biodegradable | Organic Ingredients | Non-Toxic | Eco-Friendly | Sustainable

Packaging / 100% plastic free - paperboard box printed with vegetable-based inks

Use / 

Add tablet to the bottle and fill with warm water

Use 1 refill tablet with 16 fl. oz. of warm water. Warm water dissolves the soap more quickly, but do not use hot water. Our refillable glass spray bottle measures 16 fl. oz.

Shake gently to dissolve the tablet

Screw the sprayer cap back on the bottle and shake gently to dissolve the tablet. It may take some time to dissolve, but once it does it will stay dissolved for future use.

Spray and any hard surface and wipe

Spray on hard surfaces, including wood, stone, metal, and glass. Wipe with a clean cloth rag or towel until dry for a streak-free finish. Be sure to test on a hidden spot with treated or delicate surfaces.

End of Life /
 Recycle or/and compost packaging

Full Ingredient List / vegetable soap